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Berkeley began her career at the William Morris Agency (WMA) in Beverly Hills, CA in 1995.  She worked in-house  as a Business Affairs Executive, and was promoted in 2001 to Vice President and Worldwide Head of Music Business Affairs. 


She subsequently became an agent and Senior Vice President/Global Head of Music Business Affairs, and remained at the company through its merger with Endeavor, which became William Morris Endeavor (WME), and then WME | IMG.  Berkeley remained at the company for 20 years, eventually leaving in 2015 to branch out into private practice. 


Berkeley was responsible for business development and negotiations on behalf of WME and its clients in the areas of concert touring; live events; sponsorship & endorsements; digital rights and distribution; music licensing; and cross-over deals involving all aspects of WME's business in television, motion picture, fashion, publishing, and digital platforms.  


Berkeley’s responsibilities spanned the entire WME client roster, including deals for a broad range of clients such as Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Deadmau5; Calvin Harris, Foo Fighters, Nine Inch Nails, Rihanna, The Eagles, Tony Bennett, Richard Simmons, and JJ Abrams/Bad Robot Productions.

Berkeley served on the Board of Directors for Lollapalooza, LLC and South Beach Comedy Festival Productions,  LLC.

William Morris Agency

William Morris Endeavor


Lollapalooza Music Festival

Berkeley began representing the Lollapalooza music festival in 2003 while she was at the William Morris Agency.


She continued to work with the festival through its transition from a touring property into an annual event in Chicago, Illinois, and currently acts as General Counsel for Lollapalooza, LLC. 



Berkeley is primarily involved with the strategic and international expansion of Lollapalooza into South America and Europe, and the development of additional territories worldwide.



In addition to Chicago, the Lollapalooza festival is presented annually in: 



Santiago, Chile

São Paulo, Brazil

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Berlin, Germany

Paris, France 

Stockholm, Sweden

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